Here are a few examples of classic vintage machines

Elna Supermatic


Elna SU


Necchi BU


Viking 21


Singer 503


New Home


Singer 99K




I never want you to feel like this!


Many customers ask if their machine is worth repairing.

In terms of mechanical function, the answer is usually an enthusiastic, "yes!" However, I don't do cosmetic "restoration" of machines.

It's possible to retrieve a vintage mechanical machine from a flooded basement and have it returned to full functionality although any decorative decals will have suffered irrepairably!

Most vintage mechanical machines are worth reparing if you are willing to spend the money. Most parts are readily available. Routine maintenance of these machines will reward you with many decades of reliable performance. When they are properly maintained, these machines can last more than one lifetime, and they retain a respectable resale value.

I like to say that many of these vintage mechanicals can "sew through tin cans and plywood!" OK- that's an exaggeration, but they won't get bogged down by a pair of denim jeans.

A plastic, computerized sewing machine just won't have that kind of power, and it can be expected to have a life-span similar to your laptop computer or cell phone. Circuit boards don't like heat, dust and lint. Inexpensive plastic machines are often considered "disposable" since in many cases, repair parts are not available.

My Experiences with Plastic, Mass-Market Discount Store Sewing Machines

Once in a while a customer brings in one of those inexpensive plastic machines for service or repair.  Because they spent only $100 when they bought it new, they often think that any service or repairs it might need will not cost very much. WRONG! In fact, many of the inexpensive discount store machines may cost more to service and repair because of their poor design, cheap materials and weak mechanical parts. Some of them have an outer case that is not meant to be opened without damage. But I’m happy to work on them for paying customers.

These machines do have their place, for those who don’t do a lot of sewing or don’t have expectations of doing quality, intricate work, or who don’t ever need to hem a pair of blue jeans, or who don't expect to bequeath the machine on to future generations, or be able to buy parts for it, or maintain its tension properly, or have an enjoyable sewing experience free of frustration, or…. or….or…. I could go on, but I think you get my point.

Anyway, I choose not to seek out these relatively-disposable machines, but occasionally I end up with one that I can fix. I certainly don’t promote them, but when I have one, you can usually buy it pretty cheaply - for what I have invested in parts (assuming I can get them) and a small pittance for my trouble. For some folks, this is all they need and expect from a machine and it serves them well…… for a while. I just don't recommend them.

There are so many better options!

Sewing Machines For Sale

On the left are a few examples of the kind of machines I typically have for sale. The majority of them are quality vintage machines that have been carefully refurbished.

NOTE: The specific machines pictured, are only examples and may not be available for sale at this moment. I include the photos here because these well-designed beauties are just fun to look at!

All of my machines have been personally checked over and refurbished by me:

And because I also enjoy using these machines and am a very experienced sewer, I always try to use the machine in making a personal project… that’s part of the fun I get from refurbishing these great older machines!

All machines are also checked over one more time before they leave my shop just to insure I didn’t miss anything and to insure your sewing experience is trouble free.

All machines come with

Prices typically start at around $200 and top out at around $1,000 depending on the particular machine – brand, model, overall condition and included accessories.

Please contact me if you are in the market to purchase a fine used sewing machine.

What Machine Should I Buy?

I'd never want you to feel like that poor pin-cushion creature in the photo to the left.

So please consider taking my mentoring session on What Machine Should I Buy if you are new to sewing, or aren’t familiar with the myriad of options, features and benefits of various machine's hook systems:

You may feel confused by the countless features, knobs, dials and attachments which are available on various vintage mechanical machines.

This informative session will arm you with the knowledge and confidence to select the best machine that fits your personality and sewing needs… no matter where you purchase your machine.

Should you purchase a machine from me within three days of the mentoring session, the cost of the session is fully credited toward your purchase.