Classes With Steve Pauling, The Bobbin Doctor

As both a sewing machine technician and an award-winning sewer, I bring a wide range of expertise, knowledge and perspective to my classes and mentoring. I know and understand how machines work and how they can affect successful sewing technique.

I’m also knowledgeable of and experienced in advanced sewing techniques for a variety of applications. Combined, these qualities provide me with the skill and ability to help students understand the how and why of producing excellent work and maximizing the potential of your sewing machine.

My classes are well received and students look forward to the next one. My teaching style has been described as enthusiastic, fun, detailed, patient, and easy-going. 

The list of available topics continues to grow and expand.  If there is something you are interested in, but don’t see it listed, please let me know what it is. Chances are, we can develop a class to meet your specific interest and need.

The buttons on the left will link you to a detailed description of each of the current topics.

Standard Classes

Individual classes are pre-planned and topic specific. They are best suited to learning specific topic-focused areas of study and mastering the related techniques. Each class is intended to provide both an over-view and basic mastery of one or more sewing techniques used in the project. These techniques are easily transferable to other sewing projects.

Classes work equally well for small and large groups or individual study and are instructor led. If time and interest permits, additional relative topics/techniques may be introduced during a class.


Mentoring sessions can be pre-planned and/or topic specific, but their intent is to be more free-form in style and structure.

Mentoring is best suited for the inquisitive student who wants to actively participate in determining the sub-topics to be studied. Sessions may have a theme but are usually more spontaneous in direction, focus and content than a structured class. Mentoring provides the student flexibility in exploring a wide range of topics in one session rather than limiting the focus to only one topic.


Some classes are intended to be taken consecutively in order to build a comprehensive skill set. Those classes require a specific body of previous knowledge gained through my classes in order that all students will begin each class at a similar skill level and with a common understanding of the related concepts.

Any necessary pre-requisite is indicated on the specific class description page. 


Individuals, or a group of up to a maximum of four students can schedule a specific class or mentoring session in my studio, Bobbin House Studio.

One person, or a group of two may book their class as a stay-cation in the Bobbin House Studio Guest Suite. Special discounted rates apply for multiple classes scheduled during a stay-cation.


In addition, my classes are offered at various locations, with Textile Center of Minnesota as a regular and favorite venue. A schedule for Bobbin Doctor's day and evening classes at the Textile Center can be found at Textile Center of MN.

Lectures,Presentations and Travel

I'm available for travel to lectures, special events and conferences. Please contact me for details.